• Image of CRAIG BALDWIN: AVANT TO LIVE! (Expanded Edition)
  • Image of CRAIG BALDWIN: AVANT TO LIVE! (Expanded Edition)
  • Image of CRAIG BALDWIN: AVANT TO LIVE! (Expanded Edition)
  • Image of CRAIG BALDWIN: AVANT TO LIVE! (Expanded Edition)
  • Image of CRAIG BALDWIN: AVANT TO LIVE! (Expanded Edition)


Craig Baldwin: Avant to Live! documents the life and work of acclaimed filmmaker and curator Craig Baldwin (b. Oakland CA, 1952), an inspiring and influential figure in contemporary media arts. Meticulously detailed, with contributions from over 50 writers, artists, illustrators, and ideologues, AVANT TO LIVE! is the first critical text to examine the artist’s films analytically as a coherent and meaningful body of work and critical artist’s statement while also examining the cultural impact of Baldwin’s Other Cinema curatorial project.

INCITE #9-10-11
Co-published with San Francisco Cinematheque

Editors: Brett Kashmere and Steve Polta
Designer: Vivian Sming (Sming Sming Books) with support from Bryne Rasmussen
Project Archivists: Courtney Fellion and Megan Needels

Contributors: Luisela Alvaray, Craig Baldwin, Irene Borger, Bryan Boyce, Stephen Broomer, Bill Brown, Anthony Buchanan, Joanna Byrne, Kristin Cato, Chris Chang, David Cox, Bill Daniel, Joan d’Arc, Manohla Dargis, Tom Day, Jesse Drew, Adam Dziesinski, Bradley Eros, Gerry Fialka, Adrianne Finelli, Kelly Gallagher, Max Goldberg, Sam Green, Molly Hankwitz, Joshua Leon Harper, Mike Hoolboom, Alex Johnston, Brett Kashmere, John Klacsmann, Caroline Koebel, Liz Kotz, Jesse Lerner, Chip Lord, Patrick Macias, Scott MacKenzie, Jesse Malmed, Dolissa Medina, Peggy Nelson, Steve Polta, Rick Prelinger, Vanessa Renwick, Jeremy Rourke, Catherine Russell, Lynne Sachs, Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa, Keivan Khademi Shamami, Jeffrey Skoller, Soda_Jerk, Valerie Soe, Kathleen Tyner, Federico Windhausen, Michael Zryd

508 pages
Smyth-sewn softcover
8 x 10 inches

- A newspaper containing Selected Sportswriting from The Carmichael Courier (1967-69) by Craig Baldwin;
- A 3D postcard (with glasses) of Baldwin’s famed Orphan Morphin’ Manifesto;
- A zine of collaged mail-art correspondence from Craig Baldwin to Bill Daniel;
- A Copyright Infringement is Your Best Entertainment Value sticker;
- A Brief History of “Finger in Ear Man” print by John Klacsmann;
- A DVD of Baldwin’s long-lost, now-found Super 8 sound film Stolen Movie (1976);
- Craig Baldwin: the films are ours, a flipbook by Jeremy Rourke;
- A replica of Baldwin’s Underground Cinema 12 Film Society membership card;
- Plus: A bundle of hand-picked ephemera from the archives of Craig Baldwin!


ISBN: 978-0-9857-4198-3
ISBN: 979-8-2180-5787-9