• Image of Issue #2: COUNTER-ARCHIVE (PDF)

Edited by: Brett Kashmere

Contributors: Simon Aeppli, Jo SiMalaya Alcampo, Cory Arcangel, Dave Barber, Jessica Bardsley and Penny Lane, Nicola Bergstrom and Valdemar Lindekrantz, Michael Betancourt, Aleesa Cohene, Bruce Conner, Amelia Does, Walter Forsberg, Sandra Gibson & Luis Recoder, Noam Gonick, I LOVE PRESETS, Brett Kashmere, Bryan Konefsky, Evan Meaney, Jason Orman, Julie Perini, Jenny Perlin, Tasman Richardson, Michael Robinson, Ben Russell, Brittany Shoot, Ryan Tebo, Bart Testa, Cat Tyc, William C. Wees, and Philip Widmann.

120 pages

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